We’re passionate about life and all that it has to offer, like good food, great brew, and everything else. But when it comes to cigars, we’re beyond passionate. In fact, we’re obsessive! And on top of that, we know cigars and want to share our experience with you. Every merchant in our company has logged countless hours smoking and rating cigars; all told, we have over half a century of combined stogie skill. Believe us, we know what’s good and that’s all we intend to put in front of you. When we say that we have a real commitment to quality and value, we mean it.


We’re all very well seasoned in the world of cigar retail—and that’s what makes us different. We know exactly how the other guys sell their cigars…which is exactly why we take a different approach. We’ve cut out the middleman markup (which is ridiculous!) in order to bring you and the vendors together with factory-direct deals and pricing

We’ve created a community of likeminded cigar fans who appreciate the good things in life and, through it, you’ll be connected to the top cigar-makers in the industry (remember the part where we take out the middleman?). We want you to experience what we do every day by communicating with and providing feedback to these manufacturer partners, who are here to interact directly with you. And through this partnership, we’re able to provide you with factory-direct deals every month.


  • Speed. When you submit an order by 3:00pm ET Monday through Saturday, it will be shipped out that very day – guaranteed. This ensures freshness and a quick delivery.
  • Shipping Rates. You can expect 100% free shipping on some of  our most popular brands. And if your favorite isn’t free, don’t worry – it’s just $7.99.
  • Automatic Shipping. Sign up for Jour Auto Ship and have your favorite smokes delivered right to your door automatically – at no extra charge. It’s easy as signing up, choosing your brand and deciding on a preferred, recurring